Take a Break from Your Loan Payment—Once Every Six Months—With Skip-a-Payment!

You’ve probably experienced a time when money was tight. Now UARK FCU can help you get the extra cash you need by letting you postpone up to two monthly loan payments*** per year without hurting your credit! To participate, simply complete and return a skip-a-payment application along with a $25 processing fee for each deferred loan payment or you can also sign up electronically with our e-sign application.


***Interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the month you skip your payment. Each member is allowed to skip a monthly payment after six months worth of payments have been applied. Credit cards and loans secured by real estate do not qualify for this program. All loan payments must be current to qualify. All accounts must be in good standing to qualify. Skipping a payment on your vehicle loan may result in an amount owing after GAP insurance has paid, if applicable. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for us to process your request.